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Unwind Center

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  • #8, Manikeswari Road, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600 010, India
  • 9941005949, +91-44-65379572

Unwind Center – Dec 31st, 1998 till present
The Unwind Center is a community center that focuses on developing artists and art forms. Though with humble beginnings, it is now an iconic platform for live music performances in India.

The Unwind Center opened its doors to public with small unplugged concerts at the Unwind Café and progressed into regular concerts once every 2 months, hosting professional musicians. There was a dearth of musical events in Chennai in 1998;
only 2 main college festivals existed to get excited about. So the Unwind Center was a phenomenon that was welcomed!

On the other hand, critics foretold it would close down in 6 months as rock music or western music in general was not main stream in Chennai. To say the least, it was a pioneering endeavor that was mostly uphill and today the Center boasts of 6 music festivals through the year, regular weekend concerts and art events and 5 offices in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) & Bangalore (Karnataka)

Founder: The Unwind Center was conceptualized by Mr. John Christian who was a businessman working in San Jose, CA for over 10 years. He and his family shifted back to India and the idea that was the Unwind Center took form.

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