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Thirumalai Rubber Products

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  • Plot.No 6 & 7, Harbour Colony, 2nd Street, 6th Lane, Kodungaiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600118, India
  • 044-42834248, +919381039648, +919840093477, +919380630318, +919381527107, +919381039647, +919840093477

  • Polyurethane Elastomer Components:
    • Automotive Industry- Grommets, bearings, bushes flexible couplings
    • Building and constructions- Moulds for concrete, gate seals, concrete pumps parts
    • Engineering components- Gears, sprockets, wire guides, rail draft gears, plates, press brake pads, textile yarn guides, gutting boards, business machines belts, coupling
    • Mining- Bucket liners, conveyer rollers, scraper blades, flotation cell impellers pump linings, grading screens, lined pipes, cross over pads
    • Oil, chemicals and marine- Bushings bearings, hydraocyclones, buoys, pipeline and scrapers, fenders, value seals
    • Rollers- Boards rollers, nip rollers metal forming, printing, conveyor can coating, and paper mill
    • Seals and gaskets- Pneumatic and oil seals, diaphragms, UV seals, dust seal, double lip oil seal, metal glad wiper seal
    • Shoe industry- Shoe soles, bottom-moulding diaphragms, wear plates, energy absorbing insoles
    • Wheels and types- Fork lift tyres, heavy duty ecaster wheels, roller skate wheels, roller, blade wheels
  • Rubber Moulded Products: Oil seals, o rings, sleeves, hoses, gaskets, strips, bellow, rubber caps, rubber sheets, cup seals, u seals, v seals, hydraulic seals, engine mountings, anti-vibrations pads, rubber bushes, nozzle rubber, sealing rings, radiator hoses [wrapped & smooth finish], braided high pressure hoses, beading’s channels, rings, gaskets pads, rubber to metal bonded, cellular rubber components, brake rubber, etc.
  • P.T.F.E Items (carbon filled, graphite filled, bronze filled and rulon ptfe seals ring & guide bush, etc.): PTFE Diaphram & Gaskets, PTFE Bellows, PTFE Seals
    • It is applicable in the manufacture of wear pad, pump gears, rings, dry gear, bushes, roller, washers, liner, timing, pulley, gear, pulley insert split brush, rope way pulley, tyre guide, uncoupling wheel, star wheel, support roller, guide, coupling, sprocket, scraper, wear strips, bevel, gear, bearing, bogie pivot liners, spherical insert, wear pad, support roller, pedestrial liners, mill bush, liver, wear plate, pulley pad.

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