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Rajasthan Youth Association

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  • #4, Atkinson Street,Atkinson Palace, Ground Floor, Vepery, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600 007, India
  • 044 - 2561 0396, 2561 0978

Rajasthan Youth Association was “formed 50 years “ago to promote fellowship & render service to society. Started in 1963, by a group of 25 enterprising and service minded youth, mostly businessmen, who came together to foster fellowship, imbibe leadership and serve society selflessly. Today, we have amongst our members, professionals in the fields of accountancy, engineering and business administration, technologists, lawyers, industrialists and businessmen.

The Association is now, of over 225 members settled in Chennai (formerly Madras), capital of Southern Indian State of Tamilnadu, but with origins in the North Indian State of Rajasthan.

With it’s main Social Service project is the Book Bank Project that is now in the “50th year” and it is the oldest and largest of its kind in India.

Under this project, text books are loaned to college students without reference to their caste, creed or sex. The students retain the books for the year of study & then exchange them for the next year. This goes till the end of their graduation. We are thus helping them to complete their course without any hitch as far as study materials are concerned.

The project covers courses ranging from Arts & Commerce to Engineering.

Almost Colleges from Chennai, Chengalpattu and Kanchipuram are covered by the project. Over 70,000 +students have already benefited from this project. Every year 2500+ students are added to this list. At any given point of time, at least 6500 students are beneficiaries of the project.

It has been our endeavor, that no student should drop out of the course of his/her choice for want of text books.

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