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MR Solar industries

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To overcome the widening gap between demands and supply in electrical energy the correct alternative is only to go in for solar energy


Our contribution towards reduction of global warming by tapping ECO friendly solar energy. Our methodology is green methodology. Application of natural processes as plants are doing by photosynthesis ,we are, by using photovoltaic panels which consists of silicon based solar cells, tapping solar energy and making use of it for the generation of electricity .These systems are reliable and longlasting besides being an environmentally responsible way of generating power for your business


We have a dedicated production facility for manufacturing modules exclusively for power plant application .We select crystalline cells with efficiency towards this application which helps us in achieving energy optimization even at low levels of DNI ( Direct normal irradiance )


To make ourselves quality company and trustworthy we pursue relentlessly for better services and better customers satisfaction by giving distinct systems. We listen to the needs and requirement of customers and provide solution by providing best instruments
By our continuous research work we continue to innovate and develop new technology. We commit to be reliable partners to all of our clients. Our passion for excellence shall never stop.
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Tamil nadu government solar policy 2012, insist that every Industry using high tension power, must produce in its own 6% of their total consumption. We can deduct 80% depreciation in the 1st year. You gain 25% as tax benefit

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