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MBBS admission consultant

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People at late night particularly in dreams we may have thousands of thoughts. If that is about achieve our dream we will get up in the morning and we will wish for the dream to come true, And if it happen we will be the happiest man in the world. If our dream what we have thought last night is about becoming a doctor. Don’t keep your foot a step backward. Davao Medical school foundation is there to make you sit comfortable in a Medical school at a very very considerable cost.

The school is located on a 2.5 hectare site close to the center of Davao City, which boasts of a stable climate, both in terms of its weather and its politics. There are five universities within the boundaries of the City as well as several schools and colleges. Students are affiliated to the Davao Medical Center, the Davao Doctors Hospitals , San Pedro Hospital and Brokenshire Memorial Hospital for their clinical rotations in the third and fourth years of their courses.

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