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talc powder

Manufacturer of Talc Powder in India Kamlesh Minerals

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Manufacturer of Talc Powder in India Kamlesh Minerals


Kamlesh Minerals is the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of talc powder, Quartz Powder, Dolomite, Calcium Carbonate, Feldspar and Pyrophyllite from India. Talc powder is produced by talc. Talc powder is the composition of magnesium, silicon and oxygen. This is also known as Soapstone powder widely used in various industries such as paper manufacturing, plastic, paint, rubber, food, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and electric cable, electric switchboards etc.

Talc powder is the soft and smooth white mineral available in powdery form. High grade talc powder is known by its highest quality and purity. Talc powder is crushed, sorted and allocated a category. Talc powder has the ability to observe moisture, oils, and odor. Talc is generally found in green, white, gray, brown colors or colorless. It is the most important popular mineral used in many industries. Talc powder includes 94% whiteness and its oil absorption value is 30 to 45%.

Contact Details:
25 – E, Industrial Area, Pratap Nagar, Udaipur – 313001, Rajasthan, India
Mobile: + (91)-7737349311
Tel: +91-294-2492180, 2490037
Fax: + (91)-(294)-2490116
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