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Institute of Plant Engineering and Design

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  • New no 142, Second Floor, Above HDFC ATM, Konnur High Road Aynavaram, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600 023, India
  • +91 9710412271, 044 43180935

IPED is a premier Institute that focuses in providing training in knowledge and skills for aspiring Designers and Engineers in the field of Process Plant Engineering Design.

What is a Process Plant?
Unlike a manufacturing plant (also called as a “factory”) which uses primarily Machine tools to machine and assemble components, the process plant uses “processes” to add value to a raw material and transforms the raw material into a product.

For e.g. Petrol (Gasoline)  is obtained from crude oil by a process called as “Distillation” in a “Refinery”. The process is done in what is called as an “Equipment” and the process fluid is conveyed through “Process Pipes”. The entire process is monitored and controlled by sophisticated control systems also called as Control and Instrumentation.

What are the Process Industries?
The major industries which employs Chemical Process Design and Engineering to a great extent on a comparative basis are;

* Oil and Gas
* Chemical
* Pulp and Paper
* Water Treatment

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