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  • 4, 2nd Cres Park Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020, India
  • 04424454445

WINHMS is hotel software development company who developes, markets, installs and supports softwares, our prime product is Hotelier – Property Management System that is ideal software for hotels, motel, resort suite operations.

With continuous tireless efforts from the team of Winsar over the years, WINHMS™, fully integrated software solutions to the Hospitality Industry, has been introduced in the market. Today, WINHMS™, which encompasses international standards and norms, has not only attained global presence but also being widely used across India by leading Hotels.

We are the hospitality ERP market leader in India and we have implemented our software solution in over 25 countries globally. As you are also from a similar industry we are looking for an opportunity to diversify and increase our market exposure in your country.
WINHMS is constantly helping its clients to increase their profitability and productivity by providing comprehensive hospitality software solutions for over a decade.

The product has undergone intense on-site testing at several sites in India and overseas and has proved to be stable, reliable, and secure under the most rigorous conditions.

WINHMS solution is a fully integrated suite of products consisting of customizable modules that can be easily added or expanded allowing effective and easy deployment from smaller operations to global, multi-branded hotel chain environments.

WINHMS is composed of the above core independent modules, which are seamlessly integrated with each other as given above with final consolidation at Accounts.

WINHMS offers flexibility of starting with any one or combination of these modules as per client needs and later add additional modules (plug & use) based on business expansion.

Alternatively the WINHMS Front Office modules can be integrated with other third party Back office products or WINHMS Back Office modules can be integrated with other third party Front Office products.

WINHMS comes in three distinct flavors, ensuring that no matter how small or big your business is, all the individual requirements are met. The offerings include

•WINHMS Express – for small & medium size Hotels

•WINHMS Professional – for large and medium size Hotels

•WINHMS Enterprise – for large Hotels and Hotel Chains

Apart from the above ERP integrated solutions, WINHMS offers the following stand-alone or partially integrated modules:
Engineering Management
Visitor Management
Task Management

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