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Hi5 International Pre School

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  • No: 1, Police Manickam Street, Ayanavaram, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600 023, India
  • 044 2647 1555, (+91) 9962 501 555

In western countries, the concept of Kinder gartens & baby care centres was started during early 1960’s, due to their need and culture. As India is now getting more westernized, we can see a vast cultural, social and economic change among the Indians, even in the deep rural areas. Few decades back, young children had all the opportunities available at their home, as most where joint families, more children to play with and some elder to monitor and nurture them with adequate knowledge, by nature, which resulted in a good foundation of the child at home. Children of current India are left out with all the knowledge gadgets and television, with almost no person to interact or take care.

Though there are countless Play schools / Pre schools in India, very few actually justify and meet the standards. Hi5 Children academy Pvt Ltd, a private limited company incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 and Certified by the Registrar of Companies, Tamil Nadu, was started by three visionaries, holding vast experience in the field of Psychology, Child Care & Business Administration, with an initiative to fulfill the huge need for early child hood education in our country.

Research finding reveals that a child’s brain development reaches to its maximum, almost to its fullest, during the early ages itself (from birth to 5 years)……… Hi5 denotes this Highly important first 5 years of the child.

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