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Government Unani Hospital, Royapuram

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  • East Kal Mandapam Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600013, India
  • 044 25955519

Though the threads which comprise Unani healing can be traced all the way back to Ancient Iranian Medicine, the basic knowledge of Unani medicine as a healing system was developed by Muslim scholar Hakim Ibn Sina (known as Avicenna in the west) in his medical encyclopedia The Canon of Medicine.[6][7] The time of origin is thus dated at circa 1025 AD, when Avicenna wrote The Canon of Medicine in Persia. While he was primarily influenced by Greek and Islamic medicine, he was also influenced by the Indian medical teachings of Sushruta and Charaka.[8][9]

Unani medicine first arrived in India around 12th or 13th century with establishment of Delhi Sultanate (1206-1527) and Islamic rule over North India and subsequently flourished under Mughal Empire.[4][5] Alauddin Khilji (r. 1296-1316) had several eminent Unani physicians (Hakims) in his royal courts[10] In the coming year this royal patronage meant development of Unani practice in India, but also of Unani literature with the aid of Indian Ayurvedic physicians.[3][11]

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