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Gateway Abroad

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Gateway Abroad is run by a team of British education consultants who have themselves been students in various UK universities for a number of years. We are connected to a large network of overseas students and staff currently studying or working in universities throughout the UK. Through this network and through our in-house experience, we are able to find the best solution for each student, depending on specific requirements.

What Will We Do for You?

Gateway Abroad will be your direct window to British further education. Selecting a university for postgraduate studies in an unfamiliar country can be a daunting task. Gateway Abroad will help you to find the right university, based on your individual requirements. Once a pre-selection is made, we can contact the institutions and make all enquiries and admissions arrangements on your behalf.

How Much Will This Cost?

Gateway Abroad will not charge students for its services and advice. Upon request, we are able to provide extra services such as obtaining visas, arranging flight and UK travel tickets, accommodation in the UK, at an extra charge. Please enquire for specific extra services.

Our Guiding Statements

  • Providing counselling & learning as well as removing barriers to information for its clients through personal service and innovative practices
  • Always striving towards excellence
  • Developing a high brand equity in all areas of operations
  • Achieving high profitability through ‘customer-delight’
  • Evolving an organisation that achieves and retains a ‘Numero – Uno’ position through learning, hard work, service and honesty.

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