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End Time Zion Ministries

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Church planting

We have a strong passion to establish churches in villages and towns where there are no churches.
At present we have 72 branch churches all through India and Abroad.


Spreading the good news and conducting gospel meetings are our interests. We do express the love of God to the people through
Film shows
Songs, etc…

Village ministries

We reach various remote places at regular intervals to preach the word of God. Our initial teaching to the people includes.

  • How to be saved.
  • How to get peace.
  • How we can go to heaven.
  • How to overcome sin.
  • Why Jesus died on the cross.
  • How to receive blessings from God

We distribute good news leaflets, tracts, and testimonies. We sing songs, play music, give speech, and proclaim the word of God with all joy and strength. We really thank God that he had used this ministry to bring joy into many lives. Many people have accepted Christ as their personal savior. We have witnessed evil spirits moving out of many and sickness getting healed. The village ministry has contributed much for the growth of our church.

Our Prayer Ministry

End Time Zion Ministry is built on the earnest prayers of God’s people. We solely rely on prayer and the leading of Holy Spirit. We have joined hands with hundreds and thousands of people to pray for Nation.

1. Intercessory Prayer
Dedicated people pray throughout with the true burden for people and ministry.

2. Fasting Prayer
Fasting prayers are conducted every Fridays where hundreds of people gather to pray for nation and its prosperity. If you want us to pray for you, please send your prayer request to us. We are here to pray.

3. All Night Prayer
On the last day of every month, hundreds of people assemble in the Church and pray with tears for the salvation of the Indian people, the nation and the rulers, for the protection of the missionaries,for revival in the churches, for the protection of our nation and its prosperity. This prayer is conducted between 10PM and 2 AM . Ignoring their exhaustion by the day’s work and depriving themselves of the needful hours of rest, many men, women and children come forward with enthusiasm to pray for the country. By the prayer of thesepeople who sacrifice themselves, the Lord has begun to work in India . When we see the eagerness of the people, we can understand that the salvation of our nation is not so far.


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