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  • 40, Sampangi St, Reddi Kuppam, West Mambalam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600033, India
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Search engine marketing is a multifaceted and huge field. The functions of search engines and SEM keep changing constantly. If you want to stay updated with latest trends and changes, you have to follow the below advice.

Use Schema Markup:
Schema markup is an effective and powerful tool. It helps to make the search engine easily clickable. It describes the contents and clarify how it could be presented to search engines. For example, h3 tag shows the web browsers how to present text in a particular manner. In the same way, you can employ schema markup tags for informing the search engines about what information to display in the search engine results page.

Keyword software
If you do not know the right keywords, you would not know how your company is performing online. You have to keep a careful watch on your competitors, their activities and their keywords. When you fail to focus, you have chances to experience a negative impact. Search engine software and tools help to tell how you are performing, how your competitors are performing, where traffic is diverted and how you are getting traffic to your website. Ensure to maintain keyword data in a clear format.

Maintain links squeaky clean way:
Google is getting smarter day by day. You have to perform SEM process as per Google. When your website has too much of spammy backlinks, Google could block or remove the website from the SERP. You have to be careful when creating and sharing contents in your website or other content submission sites. It is best to check the contents before posting. If your website is clean without errors and spams, then you have to think about link building. Create contents that make the users link naturally. You have to include keywords in a natural way. The contents should not over emphasize on keywords.

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